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we offers varieties of fresh fruits,Dry Fruits, vegetables, Spices, Oil, Rice and Charcoal from all over the world depending on the availability. Our products are of top-quality.

-Red Onion
-Green Chili
-Capsicum / Bell Pepper
-Okra / Lady’s finger

-Red Chil Powder
-Red Chil Flakes
-Black Pepper Powder
-Turmeric Powder
-Coriander powder
-Cumin Seeds Powder

-Sesame Seed Oil
-Palm Oil
-Coconut Cooking Oil
-Virgin Coconut Oil
-Olive Oil

-Semi Husked Coconuts
-Cavendish Banana
-Red Apple
-Tender Coconut

-1121 Basmati Se Golden
-1121 Basmati Sella (White)
-Sona Masoori Rice
-IR 64 Rice
-Jasmine Rice
-Swarna Rice

-Shisha Charcoal Cubes

-Hardwood Charcoal Hexagonal

-Hardwood Charcoal (Rough)

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